What Does Your Name Mean? Facebook Scam

A new scam has been spreading on Facebook enticing users to install a rouge application program. The scam titled – “What does your name mean?” will be updated on the user’s Facebook profile automatically after the user has clicked on the link provided in the message.

Clicking the link provided in the scam message will take you to a Facebook Page where you are asked to install an application. Installing the application will give access to all your information shared on Facebook to the developer of the app. DO NOT install the application as this could pose a serious threat to your information and your Facebook account as well.

You will be asked to “share” the message with your friends on Facebook, and also answer online surveys in order to get what you were looking for – “The meaning on your name”

What Does Your Name Mean? Facebook Scam

Well, this is a fake application trying trick users to complete the online surveys. Please do not waste your time in finding the meaning of your name!

Clicking links on Facebook could lead to your account being hacked. Scammers generally create scams like to either try to hack the users’ account or gain access to confidential information, like credit card details, email address, or passwords. Sometimes, visiting bogus websites will automatically download malware programs on your computer, which are programmed to gather your personal information. The information gathered are then sent to the scammer, who could misuse it.

How To Deal With Facebook Scam?

It is recommended that you avoid clicking links on Facebook, and stop sharing any irrelevant post messages. To find out whether a message spreading on Facebook is a scam or not, then simply Google the title of the message. You will come across a number of blogs reporting whether it is a scam or not. Alternatively, you can bookmark our page – Techo Latte – Facebook Scams – page and stay updated with the latest scams running on Facebook.

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