Using Apple Magic Trackpad with Your Windows PC

The Magic Trackpad is a multi-touch trackpad produced by Apple which eases the user to navigate and communicate with user’s computer unlike the traditional mouse. It is wireless powered by two AA batteries and connects to the Mac system via Bluetooth. The track pad is available in the market with a price tag of $65-$70. This certainly has brought an evolution to the old-school mouse.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad has the ability to perform multi-touch gestures. Here are some useful operations that we can perform using the Magic Trackpa:

  • Drag two fingers up, down, or sideways to scroll in an active window.
  • Secondary-click (right-click) to access shortcut menu commands.
  • Use two-finger pinching to zoom in or out on PDFs, images, photos, and more.
  • Use two-finger rotating to rotate photos, pages, and more.
  • Swipe three fingers to rapidly page through documents, move to the previous or next photo, and more.
  • Swipe four fingers left or right to activate Application Switcher so you can cycle through open applications.
  • Swipe four fingers up or down to exhibit the desktop or display all the open windows.
Apple Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad for a Windows PC

So, what if you really want to use the trackpad but don’t have a system powered by Mac? Well then, don’t worry! You can now use the Magic Trackpad with your Windows machine as well. All you have to do is simply follow these steps to install the driver:

Of course, you need to have the device first. It is available on Amazon for $67.

Installing Magic Trackpad on Windows

Step #1:

Download this patch for windows 32-bit or 64-bit OS from the Apple website. Please don’t run this patch once you have downloaded. This executable file is meant only for those who are running Windows OS inside a MAC OS using Boot Camp. Boot Camping is not required for Windows PC.

Step #2:

After downloading the patch, you have to download 7-Zip file manager which helps you to extract the contents of the executable file (the patch).

Step #3:

A file will be created called “BootCampUpdate32/64.msp”. Using the 7-Zip utility you have to extract this file again.

Step #4:

Now inside the “BootCampUpdate32/64″ folder you’ll have several folders that have names like BootCamp31300, BootCamp31311 and so on. In the above search tab, type “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin”, and you’ll find a file of the same name. Select the file, and rename it to “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin.exe”. The files becomes an executable file and double-click the same to run it. And voila! This will install the Magic Trackpad driver on your Windows computer.

Step #5:

Pair the Magic Trackpad device with your PC with the help of Bluetooth technology and enjoy!

The Magic Trackpad driver software is invulnerable on Windows PC and causes no harm to your desktop/laptop. The gestures are the main attraction and using this under Windows, we will witness only a few multi-touch gestures. This, however, is the main drawback of the device for Windows users.

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