Turn Your Twitter Activity into an Infographic with Tweetsheet

Ever wondered how you can create a visual infographic of your Twitter activity? You should definitely try Tweetsheet then.

Tweetsheet turns your Twitter activity into a visual infographic, revealing details of your Twitter activity, including best followers, most-retweeted posts, and so on. It also lists out the proper nouns, place/person names, etc. that were recently used in your tweets.

Tweetsheet shows the number of tweets you made every month since one year. The green bar height representing the number of tweets which garnered a response (e.g. a retweet, or a reply) from your followers.

Tweetsheet - Create Infographic of your Twitter Activity

Twitter allows developers to access a user’s last 3200 tweets. In this case, if the graph shown by Tweetsheet is only the last few months, then Tweetsheet states that “you probably have a serious twitter addiction and may want to seek professional help”. Of course, that’s just said for fun!

Before you can turn your Twitter activity into a good looking infographic, you need to authenticate the app with your Twitter account. Tweetsheet only requires a “read” access to your Twitter account. That way, the app won’t tweet anything without your permission.

Currently Tweetsheet is in a beta mode, and the developers of Tweetsheet promise to add more features to the app in the near future.

You can even play a game similar to Angry Birds! Well, you can call it the ‘Angry Twitter Bird’. All you need to do is click and drag to sling the bird and you will see the graphical bars fallings all the way down! Oh well, you can tweet your score as well.

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