Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

9. ESPN Cricinfo

If you are a cricket fanatic then don’t hesitate to download this app. If you miss watching live cricket action, this extension will be helpful. It keeps you updated by giving you the latest cricket news, features and live scores from the world’s leading and favorite cricket site,

ESPN CricInfo

User Reviews

Santosh Vernekar

Great app for all cricket lovers! The live scorecard display is just what the doctor ordered :) The news displayed is short and crisp. The ESPN and cricinfo merger seems perfect.

Some feature suggests:
- Alert notification on special events like when a player reaches a milestone etc.
- Configurable alert for in-game events: like notify score every 10 overs during a test match etc.

Tarun Sharma

The App is Great but it would have been much better, like….more pics..some videos…& some more graphics or so called attractive design….

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions”

  1. Wow, some really great extensions here. Definitely need to checkout Offline Gmail and Browser Lock. I’ve also been using Ad-Block, what a life-saver!

    1.  @conniec Hi Conniec. Glad you liked our top 10 google chrome plug-ins collections. Please ‘like’ our page or ‘follow’ us on Twitter for latest tech news. 

  2. I frequently use ESPN Cricinfo. However, I have installed AdBlock, Facebook Photo Zoom and Google Translate.
    All are good. Will try Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Sounds nice….

  3. I use ESPN Cricinfo, Facebook Photo Zoom, AdBlock and Google Translate. Will try ‘Stop Autoplay for YouTube’. Sounds nice…..

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