Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

5. Offline Google Mail

It helps you in accessing your Gmail account even if you don’t have an internet connection. When you install this plug-in you’ll be asked to allow offline mail storage. This is important: if you approve, your inbox data will be stored as a back-up in the computer you’re using (Warning: Do not allow offline mail storage in a public computer). When you’re offline, simply launch Chrome and head to the Offline Gmail app. You’ll be able to write/read e-mails, respond, apply labels and stars, and archive messages. Once you reconnect to the Internet, the messages you composed offline will be sent and whatever changes you have made when offline, will be done.

Offline Google Mail

User Reviews

Alasdair Shaw

Nice and clean. A much less cluttered interface compared to the online version. The read mail bit is wider as I only need two columns not three.
Big downsides:
1. No option to not use conversations – I find these very hard to cope with and want my emails to appear in chronological order
2. Cannot reply from different addresses – I use three emails addresses for personal and different work – the online version lets me choose which I send each message from and defaults to the one a message was sent to when I hit reply.

Paulo Herdoíza

Good app! some improvements are needed:
1. Signature.
2. Google chat.
3. Themes.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions”

  1. Wow, some really great extensions here. Definitely need to checkout Offline Gmail and Browser Lock. I’ve also been using Ad-Block, what a life-saver!

    1.  @conniec Hi Conniec. Glad you liked our top 10 google chrome plug-ins collections. Please ‘like’ our page or ‘follow’ us on Twitter for latest tech news. 

  2. I frequently use ESPN Cricinfo. However, I have installed AdBlock, Facebook Photo Zoom and Google Translate.
    All are good. Will try Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Sounds nice….

  3. I use ESPN Cricinfo, Facebook Photo Zoom, AdBlock and Google Translate. Will try ‘Stop Autoplay for YouTube’. Sounds nice…..

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