Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

3. Browser Lock - Best Google Chrome Extensions

It helps you in locking your browser so that no one can operate it. While installing this app, you’ll be asked to provide a password. When you want to lock your browser all you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+L and type the password in the required field. And voila! Your browser is locked and no one will be able to operate it. Follow the same procedure to unlock your browser. You can also change the password in the settings page (chrome://settings/extensions) there, click ‘Options’ under Browser Lock to set a new password.

This excellent extension tops third on our Best Google Chrome Extensions.

Browser Lock

User Reviews

Amir Al-Shimmarii

I think this is the only extension that works for me and I think it is the best ! I would love to donate for the great chef behind this extension ! I love it and recommend it !

Sreedhar Bukya

This is fine still need to develop like the only once take password and don’t ask for again wen we open our laptop still i feel unsatisfactory, this is completely secure.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions”

  1. Wow, some really great extensions here. Definitely need to checkout Offline Gmail and Browser Lock. I’ve also been using Ad-Block, what a life-saver!

    1.  @conniec Hi Conniec. Glad you liked our top 10 google chrome plug-ins collections. Please ‘like’ our page or ‘follow’ us on Twitter for latest tech news. 

  2. I frequently use ESPN Cricinfo. However, I have installed AdBlock, Facebook Photo Zoom and Google Translate.
    All are good. Will try Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Sounds nice….

  3. I use ESPN Cricinfo, Facebook Photo Zoom, AdBlock and Google Translate. Will try ‘Stop Autoplay for YouTube’. Sounds nice…..

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