Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

The most widely used web browser, Google Chrome which is known for its fast and powerful browsing has a vast collection of extensions. In order to make your browsing experience with Google Chrome a better one, we have listed out top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions that can soup up your Chrome.

Best Google Chrome Extensions -

1. AdBlock

Ads can also be the source for computer viruses and if you are annoyed by abrupt ads which pop out while you are browsing; this add-on is most beneficial for you. It quickly blocks the ads before launching making you browse safer. If you think some ads in a particular page is necessary, you can customize it and set your preference by clicking on AdBlock icon present in your Chrome. AdBlock tops our Best Chrome Extensions list.

AdBlock Google Extension - Best Google Chrome Extensions

User Reviews

Brian Kim

This is a solid adblocking extension but it is somewhat aggressive in terms of asking for donations. I appreciate the work of the creator but links that says “Did you know this is my full-time job?” in every menu regardless of whether you donate make this extension a less than pleasant experience, especially because managing a single chrome extension shouldn’t be anyone’s “full-time job.” Now that the open-source and community-driven Adblock Plus is available for Chrome (link below) I suggest you use that instead.

Eric Borges


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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions”

  1. Wow, some really great extensions here. Definitely need to checkout Offline Gmail and Browser Lock. I’ve also been using Ad-Block, what a life-saver!

    1.  @conniec Hi Conniec. Glad you liked our top 10 google chrome plug-ins collections. Please ‘like’ our page or ‘follow’ us on Twitter for latest tech news. 

  2. I frequently use ESPN Cricinfo. However, I have installed AdBlock, Facebook Photo Zoom and Google Translate.
    All are good. Will try Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Sounds nice….

  3. I use ESPN Cricinfo, Facebook Photo Zoom, AdBlock and Google Translate. Will try ‘Stop Autoplay for YouTube’. Sounds nice…..

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