Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out

Update 2: November 12, 2012

If you don’t want to wait for the auto update to happen, then you can flash the stock firmware by following the steps.

Download the official stock firmware I9300XXDLJ5 from here (Thanks to SamMobile for hosting it). The file is 776 MB in size.

  • Base Firmware: I9300XXDLJ5 (4.1.1)
  • Region Asia
  • Country: India
  • Carrier: Unbranded
  • Build Date: 24 October 2012
  • Modem: DDDLJ1
  • Change List: 411425
  1. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file, and also extract the Open Odin and click on PDA. Now, locate the extracted *.tar.md5 file.
  2. Switch off your phone (make sure you have connected it to your system via USB) and turn it on into Download Mode (press Home + Volume Down + Power)
  3. Now, click on “Start” button in Odin. That’s it. Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 will begin to install on your Galaxy S3.

P.S. I’ve tested this myself and it is working great. Your data will NOT be erased. Also, since this is the official update, it automatically re-registered my phone with Samsung.

[via xda-developers forum]

Update: November 12, 2012

Many users have reported that the following method to upgrade to Android Jelly Bean is working. Please go ahead and try it and let us know if it worked for you or not:

Disconnect your phone from the computer

  1. Start Samsung Kies (Please update to latest version)
  2. Go to Tools > Firmware Upgrade and Initialization
  3. Enter the model name, that is, GT-I9300 and click “Ok”
  4. Enter your phone’s 11-digit serial number, which can be found here: Settings > About device > Status Serial number. Click “Ok”
  5. The next screen will display the firmware version. Click “Ok” to proceed.
  6. Kies will now download the firmware upgrade components (nearly 800 MB). Wait until it is 100% complete.
  7. Follow the instructions on next screen, connect the phone and switch to “Download” mode. To switch to “Download” mode, power ‘On’ your phone by holding volume down button + home button + power button.
  8. Check to accept that you have read the information and then click “Start Upgrade” to start the process.


P.S. h/t to Hrishikesh Kadam

Update: November 10, 2012

The OTA update is crawling up states-wise, and might take some time to arrive in your city/state. Also, our sources say that Samsung is facing some technical issues, due to which the process has been delayed. However, there has been an update stating that the update will be available by 15/11/2012

Also, we assume that Samsung is continuing to delaying the update for Galaxy S3 only to boost sales for the Galaxy Note 2, which was recently launched. There’s nothing we can do, but only wait. Otherwise, you always have the option to flash a custom ROM to your phone.

Update: November 8, 2012

It’s now confirmed that Samsung has started rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III in India. The firmware update, which is about 290 MB in size will be available for download over the air (OTA) and also through Samsung’s proprietary phone management software – Kies.

You can check for the update manually by navigating to your phone’s Settings > About > Software update.

Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have been patiently waiting for the Android Jelly Bean official OTA update, however, it is already mid-October and people are getting impatient. Samsung has already pushed the Jelly Bean OTA update in parts of Europe in September, and we’re expecting it to arrive in several other countries very soon.

Users in India will be excited to know that Samsung has confirmed that they will be rolling out the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 in India sometime after October 20th.

Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3

To spark up your excitement, sources have now confirmed that Jelly Bean update has now arrived in Asia, with Korea being the first to get it. It will be out in Korea as of this week, via KIES and OTA, and will be spread across the other parts of Asia over the next few days.

The new Android 4.1 has lots of new features like better widget organization, voice typing, smooth animations throughout, a newly enhanced keyboard and faster user experience.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 has out-numbered the Galaxy S2 in terms of sales figures. Samsung has sold over 20 million units in just under 100 days, which is six times more than the S2.

42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out”

  1. Bah, never buy a Samsung device. I regret paying 40k for the S3 only to be left hanging for the JB update. Never again!

    1. Galaxy S3 developed cracks in body. Search google if u dont believe me. Dont spend huge amount on buying this phone.

  2. bestest phone ever!!! . . ppl waiting for jb – the phone doesnt need it as its a gr8 phone by itself… jb will just make it more better.. so have patience ..!

  3. Received an email (today) regarding this and they say “no official information”. In fact, they suggested I go buy the new galaxy note 2, if I am overly eager to use jelly bean os.

    1. They r trying to push sales for the note 2 using jb on it as the main selling point over s3. A very crude way to market their devices. Ashamed to be a s3 owner.

  4. Samsung continues to maintain the same status. Got an email from them today. Guess what…. “We have no official information”. So much for samsung. Looks like a bunch of fucktards run their smart phone section.

  5. i am ashamed to use s3 Still not received jelly bean update.I spend 37k for tis mobile.First i think for buying Note 2 ………..Note 2 is not easy to be handled so i buy s3 …

  6. samsung is making fool of the s3 users as there is no update of jelly bean and all the october has been passed and november has started. every time the date of jellybean is extended and like this whole november will be passed

    1. The OTA update is crawling up states-wise, and might take some time to arrive in your city/state. Also, our sources say that Samsung is facing some technical issues, due to which the process has been delayed. However, there has been an update stating that the update will be available by 15/11/2012


    1. The OTA update is crawling up states-wise, and might take some time to arrive in your city/state. Also, our sources say that Samsung is facing some technical issues, due to which the process has been delayed. However, there has been an update stating that the update will be available by 15/11/2012

  8. I successfully updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Kies to 4.1.1 (xxLJ3) yesterday in Pune.

    Follow these steps :-
    1. Disconnect S3 from computer.
    2. Open Kies(updated) and goto -> Tools -> Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.
    3. Enter your model no i.e. GT-I9300 and click OK.
    4. Then Enter your s3′s serial number (Settings -> About device -> Serial number) and click OK.
    5. Now Kies will download the whole firmware approx 800 MB and will properly guide further for flashing original updates.

    Note: You didnt need to backup anything, neither contacts nor apps, msg etc.

    Try this n if successfull then reply me n also spread everywhere bcoz there are many s3 users eagerly waiting for this update.

          1. flashed it with odin :) thank you ! seems to be fine at the moment… been since the i9000 that i stopped developing :P

          2. it isnt as smooth as i hoped but ill give it time and a few reboots and see how it does :) – IF IM RIGHT AFTER 4.1.1 YOU CAN USE APEX LAUNCHER AND THE WIDGETS IN THE APP DRAWER WILL WORK WITHOUT ROOT …..

  9. Hi I updated my galaxy s3 using the update 2 method posted on November 12. Although I could successfully do it and now have jellybean on my phone….I get the error ‘software update not available.The device has been modified’when I try to check for updates.
    Can someone please help me with the issue.This is the first time I have used Odin to flash. Thanks.

  10. Hi I updated my galaxy S3 with the update 2 method mentioned on November 12. Although I successfully did it and now have jellybean on my phone, I am getting the error ‘Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available.’ when I check under updates.
    Please assist me with this issue. Thanks.

    1. Go to Settings > About Device > Status > Device Status

      It should show as “Normal” or if it’s showing “Modified”, then you might have made some mistake while flashing the ROM or might have flashed a different ROM altogether or you might have rooted your phone earlier.

      In order to set the the status back to “Normal,” I recommend you to re-flash (ICS) full stock firmware and wipe your device. However, I don’t guarantee that the device status would be back to “Normal”

      I have successfully followed the above “Update 2″ steps and my device status still shows “Normal”.

        1. Backup all personal data on your phone to make sure you have a copy it. You can do this by using Kies. (Not necessary, but just in case. Why risk?)

          Enable USB Debugging – Settings > Developer option > USB debugging.

          Make sure your phone’s battery charge level is over 70%

          Download the stock XXALF2 firmware from the following links (, 749.5MB):

          Source 1 –
          Source 2 –

          Follow the same steps as mentioned in “Update 2” above.

          P.S. Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide.

  11. There are 2 diff country selections there INS and INU both for india…which one is the proper one????
    Also the file size for both is exactly the same????

    1. Get the “INU” version. It is the default for unbranded Galaxy S3 and other Samsung devices. The “INS” is a branded one, but I’m not sure which network operator it is.

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