How to Remove Facebook Ticker on Internet Explorer 9

Facebook introduced several new features on its site, including the new timeline and video chatting powered by Skype. Along with these, they also introduced something called “Ticker”, which is placed on the right-hand side of your Facebook timeline (page), right above the chat box.

The news ticker was initially launched to a small number of users; however, Facebook publicly released the feature to all its members. Since the feature is enabled by default, Facebook provides no option for its users to disable it, and many users found it to be annoying and were literally finding out ways to disable it.

Disable Facebook Ticker

The simplest and easiest way to disable the ticker is by simply hiding the sidebar. You can do this by clicking on the “Hide sidebar” button on the bottom-right of the scree (page), next to the search box and settings.

Hide Facebook Sidebar

However, you can also disable the ticker by using browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Till date, Internet Explorer users did not have any add-ons to disable this features, however, now there’s a way do it.

Disable Facebook Ticker on Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)

Pete McKenna posted details on how to remove the offending ticker from Internet Explorer 9 on his blog.

Step #1:
Check whether you have Internet Explorer 9. You can go to Settings > About Inter Explored to do so.

Step #2:
Install this registry hack in order to allow IE9 to toggle the old menu bar on/off when you press “alt”. You just need to download then run it.

Step #3:
Install IE7Pro

Step #4:
Close IE 9 and reopen it. Press the “alt” key, which should bring up the old menu bar.

Step #5:
Under Modules, un-check everything except “Scripts & Plugins”. Uncheck all the options under Base Settings IE Settings, Mouse Settings, URL Alias, and make sure you delete all the entries. Delete all entries in search, and under Plugins, make sure “Enable plugins” is checked (ticked). Under User Scripts, make sure the “Enable User Scripts” option is ticked. Under “Others”, you can change your language and un-check the “Check for updates”

Step #6:
Click OK, then close IE9 and re-open it.

Step #7:
There is a toolbar that was installed IE7 Pro. Disable it by simply clicking the large “X” button. You will be prompted with a message. Make sure you have ticked the “Grab and Drag” option. Also, BHO and Preferences should be unchecked. Then, click Disable.

Step #8:
Navigate to this script on and on the right-hand side click “Install Script”. Click Install in the pop-up window.

Step #9:
Close IE9 and re-open it. Now go to Facebook and test it. You will notice a big chat pane in place of the ticker.

Well, the process is quite long! Needless to say, if you’re an IE user who’s following these steps to disable the ticker, then take my advice – Switch to Google Chrome. Get rid of the to-be-dead-soon IE browser. Google Chrome is light, fast, much secured! Click here to download Google Chrome for Desktop.

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