Pricebaba - Price Change of Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) I9300 – Offline Mobile Price Comparison Tool; Interview with Co-founder Annkur Agarwal

You no longer have to hop from one local store to another store to compare mobile phone prices. Your job is a lot easier now. Thanks to, you can now obtain the (local stores) best price of any mobile phone right from your home.

The new price comparison site, was launched earlier this month, providing users with the latest and lowest price of available products. PriceBaba decided to take a different route and isn’t like any other price comparison sites.

PriceBaba does not compare products that are sold online, but in fact compares and gives you the lowest price of available product from your city’s local stores.

Currently PriceBaba is functional only in Mumbai, however, has future plans to expand its service across India. The new comparison site currently lists over 400 mobiles from 26 manufacturers and 110 locations in Mumbai. Each of these retailers are evaluated on over 13 different considerations that enables consumers to make a choice.

For instance, the lowest and best price for Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) is Rs. 37,500, which is available in two local shops in Mumbai. PriceBaba also provides you with a rating for each store listed (on a scale of 5) along with the store’s address and contact details.

Additionally, PriceBaba provides a mobile friendly price history tool that highlights the price fluctuations for a given mobile phone.

Pricebaba - Price Change of Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) I9300

PriceBaba was co-founded by Annkur Agarwal, and here are some of the interesting answers that he had to give to our questions:

So Annkur, tell us how did it all start? How did you finalise the name?

Started from frustration. Sometime in 2010 it struck me that, even though I have given up retail, there are still lots of calls coming in to buy mobiles, help choose what to buy and friends asking me to find the price for things they want to buy. It struck me that people want a friendly authority to tell them what to do. And that’s where Babagiri started in my mind. It took some time to get to the exact model and implementation. Somewhere in between, I finalized on the name as well.

Tell us more about PriceBaba

We like to call ourselves a price intelligence engine. Not just a tool telling you the lowest price. If you look at the price of Samsung Galaxy S2 on the site, you would notice the chart showing the ups and downs from Rs 29,700 to Rs 26750. It gives a unique perspective and often intelligent buying decisions are made from these.

Our core offering of course is the best buying price along with reliable location where you can transact. All this in the offline world. We believe this is the first of its kind approach in India and while I would be biased, we believe that we understand the problem in depth and hence can come up with solutions that are hard to imagine. That said, let’s stay tuned for some more announcements we do.

I have said this before, but would repeat, we like to iterate slow and almost always based on customer feedback. There are 100 things to do, deciding which 90 to avoid is the key.

Lowest price? How do you guarantee that?

We actually do not guarantee the lowest price. We inevitably end up doing that often, but thats not the only motive. Look at us as a companion for shopping in the real world. If a shop keeper is going to be rude or would just want to dump stock, we would rather avoid going to them. Here is some bit from our FAQs page.

The price advised by PriceBaba is the best bargain price. And the best price may not always be the lowest price. What that means is that you may bargain for that price when buying from a local retailer in the real world. Our focus is not to push deals from merchants offering the lowest price, rather we believe in giving our users the most relevant prices in their city. In process of doing that, more often than not, we should be able to help you shop at the lowest price in you locality and at the same time ensure that you have a good experience shopping based on our guidance.

Your biggest challenge involves eCommerce and other price comparison websites. Certain eCommerce websites provide discounts and coupon codes. How do you think PriceBaba will provide the lowest price, and how do you plan to tackle this?

We simply do not compete in that zone. Showing online prices is easy. Offline is difficult. Period. No matter how much ecommerce booms or discounts, majority of the shopping is done offline and shall continue to happen offline. That said, I do acknowledge that online at times give good value to consumers, we choose to cater to the ones who buy offline for now. If that needs us to make changes to the medium over which we interact with our users, we shall do that!

Any plans to expand the service to other cities in India?

Yes of course. We are ambitions and aggressive. Allow us some time to get running. You shall hear from us :)

Your Inspiration?

The inspiration was more of a frustration that I described before. But I took Steve Jobs comments on focus a bit too seriously. I side stepped my existing ventures and focussed on PriceBaba for the last 6 months. A lot of learning happened during the period and we are now starting to see some results. What inspires on a day to day basis? Joel, your email, a tweet from a user or a challenge thrown to us by anyone.

Anything to other web based start-ups?

I am a strong believer in value. Let’s deliver value and grow. Online ticketing gives great value, it boomed like crazy. Matrimonial sites TG wasn’t the regular geek on PC, but parents did whatever was necessary, since it added value. And let’s make solutions for India, instead of doing what worked in the west.

Well, it was great talking to Annkur. Thank you for your time and answering our questions. I personally feel that PriceBaba will do a great job, and will definitely fascinate consumers who prefer buying offline.

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