My Total Facebook Profile Views

“My Total Profile Views Today” Facebook Scam Alert

A new scam message appears to be spreading like wildfire on Facebook where users are posting messages on their profile saying “My total profile views today: Male Viewers: Female Viewers: See your total views and who is viewing you here: [link]”

Clicking the link provided in the message will take you to a Facebook application page where you will be asked to grant permissions to the app; doing so will allow the app to post status updates on your behalf and may spam your friends news feed.

The application will also have access to all your personal information such as your date of birth, email id, phone number, and so on. The scammers can misuse the information and can also easily hack your Facebook account.

My Total Facebook Profile Views

Users need to be aware that Facebook does not allow you to see who viewed you Facebook profile, or the number of views your Facebook profile has received. There is no way on knowing how many users, or female users have viewed your profile. Scammers have created this scam message in order to trick you and eventually try to hack into your account.

It is recommended that you avoid clicking links on Facebook, and stop sharing any irrelevant post messages. To find out whether a message spreading on Facebook is a scam or not, then simply Google the title of the message. You will come across a number of blogs reporting whether it is a scam or not. Alternatively, you can bookmark our page – Techo Latte – Facebook Scams – page and stay updated with the latest scams running on Facebook.

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