Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Coming Soon

Microsoft released the Developer Preview of the upcoming Windows 8 and has been up since September, 2011. We have already seen some of the great features that the Windows 8 boasts about. However, the most ground-breaking features are getting ready to hit the  PC market in the form of a Consumer Preview.

A special page on Microsoft’s search site Bing was found with a link pointing to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview page. However, at the time of writing this post, the link didn’t seem to open. The special Bing page features a HTML video of a betta fish swimming across the screen. The same was used as the default wallpaper in the Windows 7 beta version.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

You can check out the special Bing homepage:

The page contains several links, but unfortunately none of them work yet -

At the bottom of the page you will find the following links -

With the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, users will be allowed to test drive the new OS on their systems for a period of time before it gets launched to public. Although it is not recommended that you install the OS, but you can use run and test its features using the VirtualBox.

As of now, you can’t download the Windows 8 Consumer preview yet, but Microsoft should be releasing the details about a widespread consumer test drive of Windows 8 later this month. However, you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

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