Marika Fruscio Shows Her Breasts on Italian TV! Facebook Scam

A new scam is underway on Facebook, which claims to show a video of the Italian news reporter Marika Fruscio showing her breast on an Italian TV. The scam titled -  “The beautiful Marika Fruscioshows her breasts on Italian TV!” The scam message describes that, “The beautiful Marika Fruscio, Italian columnist tries desperately to hide desperately to hide his chest but it has apparently decided otherwise!”

Here’s a screen shot of the scam message that appeared on Facebook -

Marika Fruscio Shows Breasts on Italian TV | Facebook Scam

You can see that the message contains a link, which upon clicking will take you to a scam website with a video player. Please note that the video player on the bogus site is a fake, and the play button has been hard coded. When you click on the play button, your Facebook account will be automatically click-jacked and like-jacked, which will spread the scam message across your wall.

Marika Fruscio Shows Breasts on Italian TV | Facebook Scam

Clicking links on Facebook could lead to your account being hacked. Scammers generally create scams like to either try to hack the users’ account or gain access to confidential information, like credit card details, email address, or passwords. Sometimes, visiting bogus websites will automatically download malware programs on your computer, which are programmed to gather your personal information. The information gathered are then sent to the scammer, who could misuse it.

It is recommended that you avoid clicking links on Facebook, and stop sharing any irrelevant post messages. To find out whether a message spreading on Facebook is a scam or not, then simply Google the title of the message. You will come across a number of blogs reporting whether it is a scam or not. Alternatively, you can bookmark our page – Techo Latte – Facebook Scams – page and stay updated with the latest scams running on Facebook.

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