Increase Computer Speed

How to Increase Your Computer Speed

There are innumerable factors that can affect the speed of your computer and cause it slow down. But as with every problem, there is, of course, a solution. To ensure that your  solution is sustainable however, you have to understand what is causing your computer to slow down.

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The basic factors that generally have an impact on computer speed are:

  1. RAM or Random Access Memory (primary one).
  2. Hard Disk Drive (HDD, also termed as secondary memory).
  3. Network Interface (that lets you connect your computer with the Internet such as modem, Wi-Fi card).

If any of the above listed things get overloaded (in terms of usage), the computer starts to use a lot more  processing power, which eventually affects the performance of the computer and makes it slow down.

Any of these things can get overloaded pretty easily but that also depend on various factors such as what type of Processor you use, what is the capacity of your RAM (Random Access Memory), as it acts as a data storage device for storing temporary files and what type of RAM you use like SRAM and DRAM, etc. For example; if you use 1GB RAM and running a few heavy applications like Photoshop CS5.5, that require a lot of RAM space, your computer speed will get affected and it will start working slowly.

When it comes to using Network Interface, uploading or downloading large files and opening a lot of websites using tab browsing or on multiple web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., at a time can also affect the speed of your computer.

Increase Computer Speed

Other factors that have an impact on the computer speed

  • Malicious adware or worms, spyware, keylogger, virus, etc. makes the computer infected, and as a result it starts to use more virtual memory, which eventually uses more power from the processor and that causes the computer to slow down.
  • Installation of new software. A software basically comprises of various files in compressed format, which get installed once executed but sometimes these files are so heavy in terms of size and captures a lot of space in the hard drive to make it convenient for you to manage the device associated with it (if any).
  • Web browser plugins. There are various web browser plugins that enhances the capability of a web browser and once they are installed, they stay active in the background and keep themselves updating very often, which eventually makes the computer slow.

Now, as we have already covered most of the factors that have an impact on the computer speed, let us move on to the solution for them.

Steps to boost your computer speed

  • Get a complete computer security software and install that in your computer, but be careful while buying that as there are plenty of options available but all of them are not worth, so research for the best on internet or ask your friends to suggest you one (only if they use or else you must guide them too to buy an anti-virus protection).
  • After you finish the installation of the anti-virus protection in your computer system, perform a full virus scan and delete the viruses, malwares, spywares, etc.,(if any of them are present).
  • Perform a disk defragmentation
  • Use disk cleanup to remove all unnecessary programs and increase your storage space.
  • Add another RAM (Random Access Memory), if your motherboard supports.
  • Keep your windows or apple Macintosh updated.

Once you perform all these tasks, your computer speed will increase instantly; however, in order to keep up the good speed, you need to follow these steps regularly.

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