Facebook Starts Rolling Out New Photo Viewer – Looks Like a Copy of Google+

Facebook has started rolling out its new photo viewer to its users. The new version of the photo viewer looks very much similar to the photo viewer in Google+. Well, you can simply say that it’s a copy of it. The new photo viewer display larger photos with comments and advertisements shifted to the right-hand side, and includes the “like” and tag buttons on the bottom of the image.

The “Like” and “Tag Photo” options appear only when you hover your mouse pointer over the image. Along with that, you also get the “next” and “previous” options to navigate through the user’s photo album. On the bottom-right, you will see the notice the album name along with the total number of available snaps in the album.

Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook has also provided the option for users to download the current viewing photo or add a location. These options are available on the top-right corner of the image viewer.

The new photo viewer looks very similar to the photo viewer in Google+. The main difference is that, the background in Google+ turns completely black, but in Facebook, the background is faded to some extent.

In the previous version of the photo viewer in Facebook, the comments and ads were shown below the posts, with ads place in the bottom right corner of the viewer. With the new viewer, it now makes easier for users to add comments without having to scroll down the page. However, if a photo has got more number of comments, then the ads gets surpassed by the exceeding number of comments, which makes them invisible.

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