Facebook Removes Adult Content

Many users on Facebook are reporting that they have been affected with the latest Facebook pornography spam attack with an overflowing number posts on their news feed.

According to BBC, Facebook said that the spam attacked functioned using “self-XSS vulnerability During this attack, users were tricked into pasting and executing malicious java script in their browser URL bar causing them to unknowingly share this offensive content. No user data or accounts were compromised during this attack.”

Facebook Security

Facebook mentions that they have removed most of the spam content and quarantined the malicious accounts pages behind the attack. Along with that, the company also provided the following tips to guard against future attacks:

  • Never copy and paste unknown code into the address bar
  • Always use an up-to-date browser
  • Use the report links on Facebook to flag suspicious behavior or content on friends’ accounts

If you were one among those thousands who were affected by the attack, then I recommend you to change your passwords and other security credentials. Do have a look at your Facebook Apps page and remove unwanted apps from your account. Also, make sure you run a virus scan in your PC.

Earlier today, I wrote a blog post on how you can prevent your Facebook account from being hacked and also avoid clicking on scam links. Facebook had launched an official document called –  A Guide to Facebook Security, which will help you understand the social network’s security features and protect your account from threats like malware and phishing attacks. It also includes tips on how users can avoid click-jacking and like-jacking scam messages and scam apps.

Always remember, DO NOT click on any links that are shared on Facebook. This also applies to the links that are shared by the friend that you trust the most. And before sharing a post/message on Facebook, make sure that you have verified the information by searching it on Google.

Nevertheless, we will keep you updated here on this blog. Bookmark TechoLatte.com to stay updated.

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