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Top 5 Best Antivirus for Windows Operating System

How safe is your PC? That’s a million dollar question. The global system of interconnected computer networks known as the Internet is the main reason behind computer threats. In 1983, Fred Cohen coined the term "computer virus", a program that can infect other programs by modifying them to include a possibly evolved copy of itself and they are one of the major threats for mankind. These computer viruses are created by hackers and scammers that infect the Internet which serves billions of users worldwide so that they can seize your personal information or important data in your computer system.

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Windows 8 App Store Games Unveiled

Microsoft has officially made an announcement about the Windows App Store games, which will be made available in the upcoming and most anticipated Windows 8 platform. Like Apple’s Mac App Store, I’m very eager to see what Microsoft’s upcoming Windows App Store is going to be like for Windows 8 users. According to The Verge, their sources has disclosed list of ‘First Breed of Games’ that will feature in Windows App Store for Windows 8.

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Using Apple Magic Trackpad with Your Windows PC

The Magic Trackpad is a multi-touch trackpad produced by Apple which eases the user to navigate and communicate with user’s computer unlike the traditional mouse. It is wireless powered by two AA batteries and connects to the Mac system via Bluetooth. The track pad is available in the market with a price tag of $65-$70. This certainly has brought an evolution to the old-school mouse.

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