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Xbox 720 Features, Specifications and Pricing

It’s been 7 years since Xbox 360 was released and it has given us the gaming experience that we can never forget. Fans across the globe are wondering when the next Xbox will be brought out as technology has rose to an occasion where a lot more can happen than Xbox 360. The Xbox 720 is possibly the next Xbox from Microsoft, and rumors are circulating everywhere around the web about this new gaming console.

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Google February 2012 PR Update – Techo Latte Gets PR 3

Google has made a minor PR (Page Rank) update in the month of February 2012, and to my surprise, Techo Latte has been given a page rank of 3. Techo Latte is a “new” blog, and there's no other reason why I'm this surprised. Generally, Google starts ranking blogs/websites with PR 1 in the initial months and eventually depending on the popularity, number of quality backlinks, and the domain age, the rank is increased (or it remains the same).

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