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Free Facebook Rs. 50 Talk time

Get Free Rs 50 Talk time from Facebook with New Mobile Sign-ups in India

The social networking giant, Facebook, is giving away free talk time to users based in India in an attempt to increase the number of Indian user-base. This is a promotional offer from Facebook only to boost the non-Facebook users to create a Facebook profile, and also a marketing strategy to increase the number of Facebook mobile users in India.

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How to Disable the Facebook Timeline? Here’s One Possible Solution

Facebook announced the new profile layout called the Timeline last year and has now been activated to all 850+ million users on Facebook. Facebook Timeline is a permanent change, no matter you like it or not, the new profile layout it here to stay until Facebook decides to change the layout to something else. But, there is one possible solution that can help you out with the problem. That is - Browser Extensions.

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Turn Your Twitter Activity into an Infographic with Tweetsheet

Ever wondered how you can create a visual infographic of your Twitter activity? You should definitely try Tweetsheet then. Tweetsheet turns your Twitter activity into a visual infographic, revealing details of your Twitter activity, including best followers, most-retweeted posts, and so on. It also lists out the proper nouns, place/person names, etc. that were recently used in your tweets.

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How to Disable New Facebook Photo Viewer

The new Facebook photo viewer is simple enough, and unlike the previous version, you don't have to scroll down to the bottom to read comments or add your comments. The new photo viewer doesn’t seem to be cluttered. Ads will be automatically hidden when there are more comments added to a photo. However, if you feel that the older version of the photo viewer was better, then you can follow the steps to switch back.

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Facebook Starts Rolling Out New Photo Viewer – Looks Like a Copy of Google+

Facebook has started rolling out its new photo viewer to its users. The new version of the photo viewer looks very much similar to the photo viewer in Google+. Well, you can simply say that it’s a copy of it. The new photo viewer display larger photos with comments and advertisements shifted to the right-hand side, and includes the "like" and tag buttons on the bottom of the image.

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