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Secret Leaked Hot Videos About His Beautiful Girlfriend- Facebook Scam

Yet another scam has been reportedly spreading on the social networking giant Facebook, and as well as on the micro-blogging site Twitter. The new scam message has the title – “OMG Have You Watched This Embarrassing S3x Videos on Live TV” and has been spreading with the message – “Secret Leaked H0T S3X Videos About His Beautiful Girlfriend” on Facebook and Twitter.

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[Alert] 95% of People Can’t Even Watch This Video for More Than 31 Secs – Facebook Scam

If you come across this Facebook message on your Timeline, then it is advised that you DO NOT click on it. You will be asked to download and install a plugin, which is a malware program. Installing this will pose serious threat to your computer. Sometimes, these malware programs are designed to gather information present on your computer and send the same to the scammer.

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