I Cant Believe I Got My Profile and Photos Stalkers Facebook Scam

A new scam message has been spreading across the social networking site Facebook. The new scam is spreading with the title – “Wow I cant Believe I Got My PROFILE & PHOTOS Stalkers” and contains false statistics about the users Facebook profile views, which includes “male” views and “female” views.

The link provided in the message leads to a Facebook application installation page where you are requested to grant permission like accessing profile information, posts updates on your behalf and also access personal data anytime without your knowledge. Permitting the application for the requested permissions will expose a lot of detail about you to the scammer. Your details could be misused or sold to third-party organizations without your consent.

Wow I cant Believe I Got My PROFILE & PHOTOS Stalkers

As a Facebook user, you must be very careful and selective in allowing applications to access your information. It is recommended that you grant permissions to only those applications that are developed by known companies and developers.

Once you’ve installed the application you will be redirected automatically to the following page shown below, which is an online survey site -

Wow I cant Believe I Got My PROFILE & PHOTOS Stalkers

You are asked to take part in a set of online surveys in order to view the complete stats of your Facebook profile. Please note that Facebook does not provide any such feature where users can view the statistics of their profile, or the profile view count. There are no such applications as well that provides you with such statistics.

It is recommended that you avoid clicking links on Facebook, and stop sharing any irrelevant post messages. If you want to find out whether a message spreading on Facebook is a scam or not, then simply Google the title of the message. You will come across a number of blogs reporting whether it is a scam or not. Alternatively, you can bookmark our page – Techo Latte – Facebook Scams – page and stay updated with the latest scams running on Facebook.

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